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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Steel Tulips

Last fall, we planted over 100 tulip bulbs. Then, this Spring, as I anxiously awaited the visual result of that work, I gnashed my teeth & cursed the *(^%^ squirrels that had helped themselves to a few of the bulbs as "snacks".

Fifty of the bulbs were part of a collection from White Flower Farm, and while I can't find the exact name, they were a "glowing embers" type of collection - deep purple tulips, representing the coals, and then dramatic flaming orange-yellow parrot tulips for the fire. These are also some of the first pictures taken with the new gadget, a Kodak Z740 - when viewed full-size, the jump in pixels and an optical zoom really makes a difference.

The other fifty bulbs were a "Pink Ladies" collection, also from WFF, and those contained a TON of double tulips, which I've never really seen before. They ended up looking like peonies on tulip stems. I'm going to try to get some pictures of those this weekend, though they are pretty close to having run their course. The remaining bulbs we put in were to fill in the extra holes JWo dug - and they were supposed to be a mix of lavender-pink tulips, at least that's what the Wal-Mart label said.

THANK YOU, NO, they are mostly bright yellow. So those might have to get lifted & moved, or I'm just going to need to add a whole bunch more in bright happy colors to the bed this fall. We did get two lavenders, and one crazy orange tulip with purple-ish tinges down the center. But I wanted all pink. PINK, dammit! My colors are BLUSH and BASHFUL.
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