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Friday, April 22, 2005


I have been on a bit of a shopping spree, it's winding down, but there are still a couple things out there I want to buy and no, JWo, I'm not buying a big-screen TV. But I want one. My birthday's July 6, and you always want hints!

Anyhoo, I purchased a new PalmPilot - my old one was a Sony Clie', and the software wouldn't sync with Outlook 2003. Grrrr. So I've got the Tungsten E, it isn't overly fancy or crazy but it's nice & it does sync up. I got a retro cool case on eBay that I'm waiting to receive, very snazzy. I also got a new digital camera, and I'm terribly excited about it - I didn't go crazy and get the Nikon D70 like all the REALLY cool people have (Bekah, Dooce, our friend Kurt), I got another Kodak, the Easyshare Z740. It's quite nifty & I do so love my gadgets. I hope to get some of my pictures posted by Sunday!

But what I'm REALLY REALLY excited about? I bought some Charlie's Angels trading cards on eBay, for the sheer nostalgia of it all. I can still smell/taste the cheap-ass gum that came in the packages of cards. And how we'd all swap and trade to further our collection, and we'd play Charlie's Angels at recess, roping one or two of the non-popular boys in to play Bosley and various enemy targets. I always ended up being Kate. The smart one. Go figure.
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