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Thursday, April 21, 2005

But I Appreciated His Honesty

Further adventures in Costco shopping:

Last night, as I'm going back and forth trying to determine if they sell frozen corn-on-the-cob and finally conclude they only sell fresh, so I go back to price it (we're having a party on Saturday - shrimp & crawdad boil) and I make eye contact with this greeeeeeat big heavy-set black guy who's working one of the demo stations that I'm about to pass. I love the mid-town Costco because it's so diverse in the workers and the shoppers, and I'm always bound to get a story out of a trip there, versus the white-bread Overland Park location. Anyway, he had an incredibly expressive face, and despite looking pretty tired, had a smirk about him, and he had a big twang in his voice when he talked. An extra two points to him for looking at me like I might be a cupcake.

"How are you?" he asks.
"Oh, I'm fine, how are you?" I reply.
He starts sauntering in a semi-circle around his station, like a caged bear. He's pushing some sort of glass cleaner, and none too happy about it.

"You wanna watch me clean this mirror for the (raises voice, heavier drawl) FIVE HUNDREDTH AND FIFTY-THIRD TIME today?"

I am still moving, but I am laughing as I say, "No, no. No thank you, but I do appreciate your style."

He says, "I'll let YOU clean it and that way I'll only have cleaned it five hundred and fifty-TWO times today."

I have the best times at Costco. Unless I'm in line behind three gay men shopping for New Year's Eve. That tried my patience.
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