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Monday, April 25, 2005

Escalades, Escapades & Randomness

So I almost got run into this morning by an Escalade; there is this part of my commute that everyone treats like a giant curve at NASCAR, or a horse race, you can almost hear the voice-over, "And they're comin' around, they're comin' around now right now, here they come and WE HAVE HONDA by a nose in the lead, NO there's an Escalade coming in from the other side and WHOA that was a near miss that Escalade looked like it was going to keep on going across all those lanes, Jim, what a near miss for that Honda, good thing she used that horn when she did."

We had our 2nd annual Shrimpdig this weekend - it was fun, but DAYUM it was chilly. Cold, in fact! The nicest thing was a present from my friend Judy, who gave me a TIARA she made herself, and a white sash stenciled with the words "Snow Queen" on it. I was so touched, and so a huge thank-you to you, my friend - I love being a queen, even though I was too self-conscious to wear the trappings of my royalty at the party (and didn't want to have to tell the story 14 separate times). It was really a good time, with some yummy, yummy food.

So yesterday, we went to THAI 2000! and had more yummy food until we passed out like drunkards in the street. Seriously. It was like they knew we were coming, and had all our favorites and then some out on the brunch buffet. Pad Thai. Coconut milk soup. Seafood red curry. Spring rolls. Pad Gra Pow. YUM YUM YUM! We went straight home & took naps. My nap lasted over 3 hours! It was totally awesome. Now it's another Monday, and the 4th one in a row where I've a) gotten to work on time, and b) had a positive attitude. If I could only rustle up something to eat, I'd be in hoooooog heaven. Mmmm. bacon.
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