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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Car Conversations

My JWo can, on occasion, drive me crazy, to drink, to distraction, but most of the time, he drives me to doubled-over laughing, which can be a hazard when you're driving.

For instance, last night, we were going to dinner (Thai Place, DUH, is there any other kind of food?) and I was talking to him & telling him how much I have appreciated his willingness to up and move, to even offer to live in glamorous places like Iowa, or South Dakota, if that's where I wanted to live. Truth be told, the man would be happy anywhere the ducks fly (and hopefully, where I am.) Except maybe Kansas, that whole border war & all - I digress.

So I expected a touched "thank you", and nothing really beyond that, and I get, "That is the free spirit that is the JWo." OK, YODA.

And then after dinner, we're listening to the new "Queens of the Stone Age" album, because somebody in our household doesn't LISTEN to 96.5 the Buzz anymore, and so the single that I hear every day is still fresh and novel to the free spirit that was formerly known as the JWo. No complaints - it's an interesting album, again with the driving beats and bass, and there was one song that I noted I liked, because it was "haunting". So then every song after that had to be labeled "haunting", like we're two years old and trying to fit the star-shaped puzzle piece into the round hole of the plastic globe. MAKE IT FIT DAMMIT.

JWo: "This song's haunting."

Me: "No, it's not."

"Yes it is."

"Just because they're warbling doesn't make it haunting. Haunting is different."

"It has ghost sounds. Right there. WooOOOoooooOOOO. That's haunting."


"They always did run into ghosts. Hey, let's split up! Shaggy & Scooby, you guys go down that long dark hallway where the GHOSTS ARE!"


"Oh but the best Shaggy -who was that?"

"Rob Lowe."

"YEAH! He was awesome."

(Did you ever see Rob Lowe on Saturday Night Live do his Shaggy voice? Stellar. He's perfect. His performance? Still :cough: haunts me.)
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