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Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Ughs

I've got the Ughs. I'm wiped out from this weekend, I have a concert to attend tomorrow night, which will be awesome fun, but because I'm now an Old Lady, I have to take Wednesday morning OFF from work, because I can't go to a concert that starts at 9 p.m. and still get up and go to work the next day. I'm trying to finagle some VIP passes so I don't have to be mashed on the floor with the riffraff...actually it's more about me being short and not wanting to have to fight for space in a crowd and have my view for two hours be of some idiot's back.

That aside, we had a horrible accident here this morning in in a northern suburb - a schoolbus carrying 38 children hit two stopped cars & killed both drivers, one of the men killed is my close friend's boss at a small agency of 4 people. So I felt sadness & empathy for him today, as well as all the terrified parents who tried to find out if their kids were ok in the aftermath. He's been one of the people answering the phone & fielding all the calls, so I'm sure he's pretty worn down himself.

OH, after my big gettin-lost-in-the-rough-KCK last week, I did get my new chair this morning, but I apparently sparked a wave of ChairEnvy(tm), and now other people are lobbying for new chairs. Whups.

Lessee. I went for sushi at lunch, ate eel for the first time, and had to climb into my rep's Ford F-150 that was way the hell off the ground with no steppy things, and let me tell you, hoisting my bodacious booty up into a truck is not one of my favorite things to do, given that I'm 5'3". Short people got all kinds of business, so piss off all you who think that's a funny song, and make sure you have running boards on your goddamn vehicle and be a dear & get me some VIP passes for the Killers, would you please? This short lady needs a break.
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