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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Knows How To Party

There's something odd and funny when you go to a concert and you're bridging that gap between "older fan" and "potential chaperone". As someone who never got to go to concerts as a teen, I came late to the sport. Living in Minneapolis was awesome, and I saw loads of concerts, many at First Avenue (where Prince played in Purple Rain!), and would get sauced up and dance and have a grand old time and then, if necessary, go to work the next morning.

Now I schedule half-days off the following morning.

And I drank just enough Smirnoff Twists to feel perky, and kept yelling at Roger to keep drinking, as he was starting to melt into the couch and fall asleep before we left for the concert! We watched American Idol, and then the first hour of the Amazing Race finale, and his boyfriend chauffeurred us to the concert. We timed it perfectly, missing the opening act, and got there maybe twenty minutes before the Killers were to take the stage. So we spent it having a couple more drinks, hanging out in the lobby area (where it was only 250 degrees, as opposed to in the concert area, where it was hot enough to bake a pot roast in thirty minutes: that translates to convection-oven heat at approximately 500'.) We ended up hanging out with Afentra, the morning show host for the station sponsoring the concert - talking about people we all knew, her upcoming wedding, how we normally communicate - she sometimes reads my blog, I call in and rant about politics and stupid people and email her at the station, frothing at the mouth, it's all good. Then the music started. We stuck it out for maybe 30-40 minutes, until the played all the songs we wanted to hear (they only have one album, though they're crankin' on new stuff), and then we called David to come back and get us! Did I mention it was HOT? Even the BAND commented that they were from Las Vegas, and they weren't used to heat that was so - so - "moist". Uh-huh. Welcome to Misery, kids.

David gets us, accompanied by li'l Emily-loo-who, one of the cutest dogs on the planet, and we head back home. Suddenly, David veered into Wendy's. Good call. Junior cheeseburgers and frostys, soaked up all the sugar and alcohol, and we went back to their house & watched the taped last hour of the Amazing Race finale. Peeps, there is a God. Roger & I cried, as we watched Uchenna & Joyce race in to the finish line. My need for fairness and justice in the world was quenched, at least for one night. I hit the sheets at midnight, and snored soundly until this morning, where I had a leisurely time getting ready & then met a magazine rep for lunch. Now I'm at work and should probably get some work done, because that's what this whole grown-up life is centered around.

Ah, Youth. Like the flip-flop I totally (and accidentally!) ripped off some idiot girl last night because she was walking too slowly and being indecisive - it's gone so fast.
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