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Monday, December 27, 2004

The Last Laugh

So on learning to be more flexible, and to do more with family, I awoke at 5:15 a.m. yesterday & prepared for my annual post-holiday shopping spree, with Grandma Dorothy in tow this year. The poor thing had gotten up at 2:30 a.m. to drive up with Grandpa for the hunting trip with James, and she was not only tired, but cold. So I give her a four-star merit badge for Shopping Trooper, because we shopped until nearly noon. Interestingly enough, the woman is also a deer magnet. On the drive up, a deer passed behind them and bonked the back of their sedan (no damage to either moving object), and as we were heading down State Line Road at 6 a.m., two deer crossed in front of us. We marveled at Deer in the City, only to realize a THIRD deer was running alongside the Civic. GOOD GRIEF! I stopped and let it cross as well, and, laughing, we were off to shop. Shop, shop shop. The deals were not as bountiful as I'd hoped, but I did get re-stocked on wrapping paper, boxes, bows & bags, and got some little gifties that will be good for giving through the year.

The menfolk got back home to potato & ham soup, and sitting next to Dorothy's luggage (for they were going to stay with us last night, Grandpa going hunting with James again in the morning), Grandpa changed his shoes and gruffed, "OK Dorothy, let's get going, we gotta get the camera back to Sandy's, stop by Linda's and then get home, because I'm meeting them at the boat ramp at 7 a.m. tomorrow down south."

Dorothy's face was what you'd see if you looked up "What the FUCK?" in the dictionary. "What?" she said, omitting the part I would have said.

Grandpa repeated himself. I said, "So you're telling me you're going back home tonight?"
James said, "Yes! We're duck hunting tomorrow at ~whatever whatever, I can't keep these duck hunting places straight ~ and Grandpa's meeting us in the morning."

Dorothy looked fit to be tied. She was planning (and had packed for) a couple of nights up in the city, not to mention some gambling, and spending time with all her relatives. Now, nearly 12 hours later, she was headed back for home.

The opening was so perfect. So appropo on the heels of our discussion from the night before, about James' wish that I would be more flexible with family stuff.

I said, "Dorothy, you just gotta be more *flexible*."

James looked like I had popped him in the nose. I couldn't stop laughing. I added, "I would be SO MAD if it were me!" And don't get me wrong, she WAS mad. I bet that was a looong ride home for Grandpa.

I award her a Red Star of Homicidal Restraint.

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