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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Great Moments in History.

Winter. 1990? 1991?

Going downhill skiing for the third time (out of a total of four, ever), and sharing a lift with an attractive older man who obviously had his own, unrented gear, and goggles, and a very nice matching ski jacket & pants, and being what I deemed observant, and ever-gregarious, I said, "So! You ski much?"

He smiled & nodded.

We got off the lift, he schussed away, my friend was bent over laughing at me.

Me: "What?!"

Her, Gasping: "HE.....WAS......NATIONAL......SKI.....PATROL! AND YOU......SKI? ....MUCH?"

I guess he had a little patch on his jacket that indicated this.

Whatever. At least I was friendly, dammit. Still am, in fact.

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