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Sunday, December 19, 2004

She's Crafty!

It's Picture Day here at Blogger!
I am putting up some pictures of recently completed projects, as well as a couple others..... and some obligatory doggie pix.
The Holiday Stocking for James is the one I made for him 4? years ago. It was one of those Bucilla felt kits, and with the hunting & fishing theme, I thought it would be perfect. I started it in October. I worked on it at lunch almost daily, and it took me until Mid-December to finish it. I HATE FELT PROJECTS. Naively, I thought the pieces came cut out. OH NO. You use teeny-tiny scissors & cut them out yourself! Note the little yellow circles behind the embroidered candle flame. The dangling stuffed trout. THE PINECONES. I look through a Mary Maxim catalog now & when I see felt projects, honestly, I shudder & recoil inside. Never, never again.
The Holiday Shardigan was worn to our company holiday gala on Friday night. It's fringey & sparkly, and exactly what I wanted. I adjusted the pattern to upsize it, as well as incorporate more yarns.
The aprons - Xmas pressies for our nieces, ages 8 & 6. Their GrammaLinda (my mother-in-law) loves to cook & they love to help her. I saw something similar for sale - around $10 an apron? I bought these half-off at Hobby Lobby ($2.99 for two!), used tracing paper & some white floss & stitched the phrase took less than an hour, because I watched last Sunday's Desperate Housewives while I was stitching and finished them both before the show was over.
Mother-in-Law Scarf - a simple feather & fan pattern, begun with a self-fringing section. Knit both pieces at the same time so you have a symmetrical scarf & graft the stitches at the halfway point. Stitches have since been grafted, BRAVISSIMO, one holiday gift done!
And, some pictures of Miss Polly. Since James is off on his hunting junket, it's just us here & we're having a lot of fun. Last night, I sang the silly Horatio Sanz song, "Wish it was Christmas Today" while jitterbugging around the kitchen in my pj's & slippers. Polly participated by jumping up & down and looking at me, thinking, "You're cah-ray-zay, Lady, but I love you!" Dat's what it's allllll about!
Oh, and one last pic, from the big snow the day before Thanksgiving. In honor of being my very own, special Snow Queen, self-appointed.
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