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Thursday, December 16, 2004


This place has become drenched in sugar in the past 24 hours. I complained over the weekend to my friend Shelley that we had NOTHING, no food, no gifts, nothing yet. So, being the good salesperson she is, she brought over two tins of popcorn - one was emptied by lunch that same morning. We had been snack deprived, and it showed.
Now, we're swimming in it. 'Round every corner, there are chocolate covered make-your-pick, pretzels, bing cherries, cookies, popcorn. Way more sweet than salty, which sucks for the salt/grease addicts (me). Not that it's stopped me. I rationalize -"I'm just having breakfast!" "This will tide me over until lunch."
I am making deals on the phone, fueled by sugar-coated popcorn and nuts. I am putting plans together that will determine the entire next fiscal year - and my brain is buzzing from caffeinne. I've taken gift baskets home, intending to share with family at the holidays, and James has already cracked open several bags of goodies, not to mention the umpteen leftover haystacks bagged on the counter. I should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery! Does a computer count?

It's possible to be drunk on power, but I'm enjoying Free Chocolate a lot more. There better not be a "Checkpoint ChocoCharlie" on the way home - I'll fail for sure. But if I did, would I go to Camp Cupcake? Hmmmmmm......

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