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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The End is Nigh!

I'm feeling very Chicken Little, cross-bred with a princess today.
That results in dramatic perspectives on everything, with panic and joy prevailing. Emotions one normally does not combine. However, things are afoot! Christmas is coming! People are planning and/or threatening to quit, which always makes things interesting and makes me nervous and smug, simultaneously! We're having a cookie exchange today, and I am ready to eat 3 dozen cookies! I'm almost done with my three-month hell project & I kick butt! MUCH to rejoice, and a week off is gonna be delectable. Plus, we get holiday bonuses today and money is a language I can speak. The other one if Fairness, with the accent on Justice.
Because at the heart of the matter, my father's influence is enormous. The man marched for civil rights. Got fired for trying to start a union. Was the first white guy to have a black roommate at his college - and when the school found out, tried to "fix" the problem, which he vociferously (and successfully) objected to. I'm not necessarily the person who throws the molotov cocktail, but I pick up the violin and play a little ditty while Rome burns. I love change. I love confrontation and growth. I LOVE LIFE.

And the sky is not falling, but pieces of it are cracking. And I can't wait to see what's behind the sky when one of those chunks falls out.
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