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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Haystacks & Roller Coasters

Today was definitely a roller coaster kinda day. Heard from some old friends I knew from an old job, and it was hilarious, tripping down memory lane & all the laughter & references to people & places & stories I hadn't thought about in a while. And the contacts happened within minutes of each other, it felt really crazy, like a little black hole opened up and just sucked me out of the present, into some tangerine-striped flashback with sparkle lights and popcorn balls.
Then, it was like waiting in line again, the monotony of paperwork, clickety clack of the keyboard, work marches on.
And then I got irritated because JWo & I had a misunderstanding on the phone, as we are both incredibly busy & juggling too many balls - and it's like we threw two of our balls at each other & a spike of anxiety naturally occurred. Turns out we need to just WAIT to go furniture shopping together until we get all these other, more pressing, tasks out of the way, or at least wait and see if time opens up, but not to push it into the mix as insistently as I was doing. Because I want to buy a sofa RIGHT NOW because I am an only child, and we like things RIGHT NOW if not SOONER. And when the prospect of not getting my way looms on the horizon, like the peak of the curvature before the roller coaster drops, I lose the air in my lungs and a BIG SCREAM starts to form under the surface of my lips.
But, tonight was calmer & yet we seemed to suffer from Impossible to Please Syndrome, as we went to Buffalo Wild Wings & stood in an unmoving line (hey, it's just like Six Flags again) until we looked at each other and said, "Let's go somewhere else", which meant we drove back towards home, changed our minds three times about what to have for dinner, ended up at the grocery store, where James decided he finally knew what he wanted and he wanted to have Popeye's chicken, so we got the rest of the ingredients for haystacks, and had fried chicken for dinner. After dinner, I made haystacks to take to the cookie exchange tomorrow, and am ready to fall over. I didn't get any presents wrapped and I didn't get some other things done, things that will essplode in my face if I don't attend to them within 24 hours! I'll see if I can get up early and try to cross a couple things off my list - but that never pans out. I just don't like to get up early.
In the meantime, here's the easiest, sugariest, chocolatiest, no-bake treat I know:


1 package (12 oz.) chocolate chips
1 package (12 oz.) butterscotch chips
12 ozs. salted cocktail peanuts
5 ozs. chow mein noodles.

If you're like me and buy in bulk, it's really handy to have a food scale to measure this stuff out. I get really neurotic about it, because I'm sloppy in so many other areas, I might as well have exacting, fist-clenching control over something.

Melt the chips in a double boiler over not-boiling, but hot, water. Because my double boiler is not the size of a small drum, I then pour the melted mixture over the chow mein noodles & peanuts, stirring well to coat. Drop by tablespoons onto wax paper, let cool/harden, and enjoy! They're really yummy.

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