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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Slightly Combative, Microbursts Possible.

Well, I'm at least half of that weathercast. I don't feel at all like crying, or bursting; in fact, I'd classify my mood as "good" to "sunny". However, I am feeling quite combative, as related to some work things, and I need to shake it off. Otherwise, I may have somebody in a headlock, and while I haven't read a lot of business books, I understand that putting someone in a headlock (or any of the other WWF moves) is often seen as a career-limiting move.

Speaking of microbursts, though, JWo drove down to Schell City last night, because their duck club is there, and the town was hit by a microburst yesterday afternoon. Their house was affected - the paint on the back of the house looked like someone sandblasted it right off, windows were broken, the deck was pretty well taken out, and they have the neighbor's carport, well, everywhere. He had an enormous carport, with sides, that wasn't anchored to a foundation? It looked like the wind picked it up like an empty plastic grocery sack and tossed it around for an artsy good time, ala American Beauty.

Back of House


Unanchored Carport

Crazy! James said the grass was broken. Yep. That's how crazy fierce and horizontal those winds get. He was just glad there wasn't more damage. I bet their neighbor wishes he'd put a little more into anchoring that carport....because I don't think he's gonna be able to salvage it.


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