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Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Roundup....

As this four-day weekend winds down, I realize that I've been a bit lax in blogging. Maybe because I was pretty lax all weekend? In any event, I'd say one of the highlights of the past few days was seeing a precocious six-year-old try out boxing on the Wii for the first time - and while her opponent was knocked down, and all the adults (barely able to breathe because we were laughing so hard) were screaming, "Don't stop! He's getting up!" and she cocked her right arm back, at the ready, to take that mo-fo boxer OUT. Our instincts to survive and protect are with us at the get go, eh?

I took Friday off, to extend the holiday weekend, and spent a good chunk of it "Austin-Powering" my way down Metcalf Avenue. You know, the scene where he's trying to turn a small go-cart around and he's going back & forth (to nearly infinity) in a tight spot? Well, all my little stops on what is arguably one of the most unpleasant main drags to drive on in the area felt exactly like that. I went to Macy's, and was terribly disappointed in their selection of handbags. I went to Michael's, and bought the wrong-sized bags for my DPN holders. Then I went to the Asian market, and that was at least successful, and after that, CostCo, which is always successful. :)

We went to see Love Tusk on Saturday night, along with some other local bands vying to be the opening band at Red White & Boom - egads, a couple of the bands were rather dreadful. And I heard those exact words ala Simon Cowell the entire time. But, our friends rocked our faces off, we stayed out later than we have in eons, and just a tip for those of you who frequent Davey's Uptown? The back bartender makes some very strong drinks! I was inspired by the Bombay Sapphire to treat James to a diatribe on my opinions on government standardized driver's tests. As in, I think we should have them! Did you know that Missouri is one of like, seven states that forbids turning left on red, even from a one-way onto another one-way? Seriously. Everywhere I've lived allows this - Iowa, Minnesota. And I can understand some tweaks - there are sections on snowplows in the MN driver's test, but generally speaking, I think there should be more consistency. It could also be I still harbor some resentment for getting the MO test question wrong, pertaining to how long something must be extending from your vehicle, before you tie a flag on it. Really? How about "just about any amount"? That's logical. And works for me. Anyway, I know my dissertation was a real treat for James... ;) (I thought I should edit this to add: James was very sober & doing all the driving - no worries for irresponsible behavior here! And it freed up my hands to wildly gesture while I made my points....)

My pal in Oxford got his scarf & most all of the goodies I intended to send him - you're so understanding, Stephen! It was a real joy to knit his scarf, as the yarn was scrumptiously colored and super soft. I took some pictures, but I think they're on my external hard drive at work, so I'll post those soon. But! You can go to Stephen's blog & see everything - in a whole 'nother continent! It seems more exciting to me, anyway.

I also did some cooking this weekend, most notably, the first pesto of the season. We have basil running out our ears already, and we've hardly touched the six varieties of Asian basils! I used the regular Italian basil to make the pesto, and was instantly reminded how much better fresh pesto is, compared to storebought. Oh lordy. It was de-lish! I also tried my hand at Mojitos, as the mint has come on in full stride. We ran out of time today, so another round of pad thai will be attempted tomorrow; I may adventure with the stronger-flavored purple stem basil for that! (I really need to take a cooking class from one of my favorite Thai restaurant haunts. I fear a standardized class just wouldn't be the same.)

Now, I just have to try and remember what day it is, and what-all I have to do this week. I love being this relaxed, but I also get a little nervous that I'm forgetting the six most important things I need to do! Like put on pants.

Here's to pants, all week long. What's left of it, anyway!
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