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Monday, June 09, 2008

I've Coded....

I have been getting my geek on. Only in my case, it's more like "gecko". I am such a wannabe, I roll my eyes at myself! That said, I have been working on my own domain, which I've owned for quite some time, and the battle royale of yesterday was getting WordPress installed - I actually did it, but grew so frustrated trying to run the script that I finally submitted it to WP's fabulous team of "install-for-free" volunteers, and then I got a whole new set of parameters and steps to wrangle with. As in, hello, how DO I get the screen to log in as the admin? I spent at least 30 minutes with the wrong address, getting an error message, so I continued to edit my config file, and then finally, blessedly, something clicked. Intuitive, this shit is not.

So! At some point - now in the not-so-distant future - I will be moving Ye Olde Blogge. Right now, when I think about moving all my archives over, I just roll my eyes. Uh, yeah. Lemme get a few more things sailing smoothly before I take that route, mmmkay?

That's one of the things cookin' here at Chez PlazaJen; the other is that those DPN holders I made? Are soon going to be for sale at the Loopy Ewe! I KNOW. That's one of the aforementioned "SQUEE"s. I about passed out from the sheer excitement when I got that email! And then I recovered, and placed a frenzied order for more devil duckies. Which turned into its own nightmare of sorts, as I selected "expedited shipping", and the seller used DHL at Home, which takes its sweet time to get your package to your local USPS who in turn delivers them to you. Uh, yeah. So instead of 1-3 days, it took 6 days. It goes without saying, I was Not Happy. (Oh, and I got the shipping charges refunded.) So, this little bit of excitement goes hand-in-glove with the website, because even though I don't want to delve into e-commerce, per se, I would like to have a few pages with my photos of the holders, and anything else that might be joining the "Wants & Kneeds" line of quirking knitting panaceas. Because yes, there's something else. (But that announcement needs to wait!)

In other news, because lordy, I have been a little distracted from blogging, we are fully embracing the notion of a staycation. However, I am also highly resentful of the staycation. It's sort of a love/hate thing - I know we're doing the right thing by conserving our cash and we'd be grumpy if we went somewhere and spent too much money, BUT, I'm just resentful of the fact that this is happening, the economy is tanking, and gas prices are being jacked with (because seriously, OPEC says there is no supply issue, so what gives? Someone's making a shitton of money AND having a lavish all-inclusive vacation! That's what gives!) So my answer to all of the above is quite simple: Blender Drinks. They're a mini-vacation in a glass.

And, quite honestly, all that's kept me from throwing the computer out the window this weekend.

More soon, with extra SQUEE! :)
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