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Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Own Personal Mastercard Commercial?

Parking at Starlight: $5
Outrageous "handling fees" to Ticketmaster: $32.10
Dinner with my husband before the show: $35
Two tickets to Depeche Mode: $150
Having the lead singer become mysteriously ill after 6-7 songs & have the concert get cancelled? YEAH. TOTALLY PRICELESS.

There are a LOT of pissed-off people today - it was a pretty packed show, and as you can see, the tickets weren't cheap. I feel sorry for the folks at Ticketmaster today, because everyone (including me) wants their money back. I'm just glad I paid for them with American Express - if there's not a rescheduled concert, you bet your bippity I'm calling AmEx and asking them to take on Ticketmaster on my behalf.

Hell, I'm even reasonable, I'll let them keep their outrageous fees. I just want my $75/ticket back. And if there's a rescheduled concert, I want new seats, because the woman behind me shouted all they lyrics. Yes, I'm getting cranky and old. When the concert ended before 10 p.m., I said, "Well! At least my ass won't be draggin' tomorrow! We'll be in bed at a reasonable hour!" And then we all did shots of geritol and talked about our stock portfolios and waited for the crowd to clear out.
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