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Friday, April 28, 2006

Miracle Whip v. Mayo

I have always been a Miracle Whip girl. I enjoy the tangy zip of the Miracle Whip. The "light" is just fine with me, though JWo prefers the original version. Growing up, that's all we had, no mayo in the house. I think it's your family of origin that gives you a preference, what you get used to. I have a friend who went through a buffet at a wedding reception & helped himself to a big dollop of vanilla pudding, only to ruefully discover at the end of his meal, with a big spoonful in his mouth, that instead it was mayonnaise. Mmm, mmmm. That is a nightmare.

One summer, when we were building the house, we lived in a room that was roughly 15'x20', had a sink, and all we ate for dinner were braunschweiger & tomato sandwiches (with Miracle Whip), Chips Ahoy & Ruffles. It was years before we could enjoy a B&T sandwich, but they are still my favorite. (It has to be Oscar Mayer braunschweiger, too. You wouldn't think I'd be picky about such a processed meat product, but just ask JWo, it can be done and is on a daily basis.)

You might be wondering, what on earth is PlazaJen doing today, blathering on about sandwich spreads? Well, it's just the natural word association in that crazy mind of mine, because my Dad is going to GO to the Mayo clinic in Rochester MN (hopefully next week), and those people there work miracles. (I don't know so much about the whips, but if I had to be whipped to create a miracle for my dad, I'd do it in a heartbeat.) And I've never been this much in love with the word "Mayo" before, given my prediliction for the Miracle Whip. I'm not saying I'm switching sandwich spreads, but I do have a butter knife's swipe more hope now, and that, my friends, makes all the difference on a rainy day in what has been, truly, the Cruelest Month.
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