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Monday, May 01, 2006


Boy. I am going to eventually become a patient advocate, and while I'm sure the pay won't be great, I will be excellent at it. I am already struggling with not feeling guilty for not having done all of this for my father before today. I won't say I've been perfect; in fact, all of the nurses I've spoken with today have gotten to hear the quaver and high voice that comes before the tears. Hey, at least I'm not being a total cold-hearted bitch.

I have pushed ahead the process of getting him to Mayo. In fact, the referred doctor called me back, twice, and we had long discussions about his condition, what else he needed before an appointment could be made, etc. As I said later to Kristin & our boss, they don't fuck around at Mayo.

It is going to require two more courier deliveries before all the necessary films, slides & x-rays have all gotten to the desk of this doctor. He has to have everything before he makes the appointment. But given my dad's condition, they will get him in quickly. And as we've all said, even if they don't suggest doing anything differently, we'll know we've tried. And I can't imagine they haven't got a more sophisticated process for managing his pain, which has been enormous. So many unknowns, but today, I feel like I can at least see the road under my feet. Called I-35 to Rochester, MN.

Oh, and the whole thing about Mayo not fucking around? Neither do I. Even in great sorrow. My new rap name will be Tenacious J. I'll still record under P. Nuggy, but for some independent projects, Tenacious J it is.
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