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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ferociousness of the Heart

Good news, even though I struggle right now finding good news anywhere, because good news and hope of late have been tissue-paper kites, unable to support me more than a day or two. But anyway, I can't succumb, every day is new, every piece of positive news is still positive. Dad was able to get in for radiation yesterday, which happened because his pathologist/friend went in to the offices and demanded they do it that day. I am heartened that despite my absence, other people are being demanding and angry on my dad's behalf. Because the radiation was near his esophagus & stomach, he was horribly sick last night, and I just ached with my own sadness at hearing his pain. He continues with the radiation the rest of the week, and they're coming in on Saturday as well to finish the final treatment. Really, I am very glad that people's "office hours" and "already scheduled stuff" are all falling by the wayside, given the urgency of the situation. Otherwise? Those 2x4's that were hitting me in the face? I'd be grabbing one of them and pulling a scene from "Walking Tall" & dispensing some of my own displaced pain & anger. OK, not really, because isn't The Rock like, 7 feet tall? And my 5'3"-ness really isn't as formidable. And I can't do that thing with my eyebrow the way he does. Sigh. I still like to believe I'm ferocious. Maybe I am, just not in a physical-harming sort of ferociousness. More of a ferociousness of the heart.
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