PlazaJen: Passion Knit

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

In the dark
Before sleep steals my consciousness
I hear it, the voice
Whispering its mantra
Words slicing deep.

Yours is a life wasted
So much potential
What you could have been
All that you’ve lost.

Poor decisions you’ve made
Bad roads you’ve taken
What were you thinking -
It’s clear that you weren’t.

What you should have become
The failures abound
Death will come soon
Why won’t you change?

I’d love you if you were different
We’d be fine if you’d change
Why won’t you undo
All your mistakes?

I pray for sleep
Relief from the sound
Of your voice, of your words,
The responsibility and burden
Of being your daughter.

I wrote this back in February. Given everything else going on, I don't hear her voice nearly as often in the dark now; I struggled with even publishing this on a day meant to celebrate all the great relationships out there. In the end, this is for everyone who doesn't have one, and the reminder that despite all those Hallmark cards trumpeting what we should have, you're not alone.
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