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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What's That Hissing Noise?

Oh, yeah, that'd be me. Back in the day (when I lived in Minneapolis), I got completely screwed over by a TiresPlus store. You know, because you don't have lumpy bits dangling betwixt your legs, it means that you should be subjected to talked-down-to instructions & it should cost a lot.

So we got in the habit of hissing like a cat at all TiresPlus locations. You know, teeth bared, hands up like claws (boy, don't I have that theme going this week. Fits right in with all my knitting.) And a spit-laced back-of-the-throat hissing. Extremely attractive. Effective in making people stop and steer clear of you, though.

So, I'm having sortof a rough week - mostly large heaps of work & a rather strong disinclination to work every minute of the day. And I find myself wanting to just HISS at everything, as a stress-release. I did have a good reminder yesterday, though, to put it all in perspective. I thought about what I'd be doing in my old job right now? And it makes my current stuff look like prancing through gardens of flowers in springtime. Like a big clumsy tiger, that's me!

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