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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Further Proof of My Quirkiness.....

So, I see this news story link on Yahoo! Entertainment, and all it says is, "Rocky's Back!"

Immediately, I think, "Rocky & Bullwinkle? OH MY GOD! I LOVE THEM!" It has a LOT to do with the fact that I, Jennifer, the one & only PlazaJen, have a speaking voice that sounds almost pitch-on perfect to Mr. Rocky the Squirrel, if I just go up one octave with my voice. (or whatever. I'm no Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. Maybe it's just "raise" my voice.) I enjoy proving this fact by saying "And now here's something you'll REALLY like," in my best Rocky trill.

Oh, the excitement and yeah, but no. It was Rocky the fighter, Sylvester Stallone. Apparently he's making yet ANOTHER movie about the boxing and the eggshakes and the jogging up steps and the YO ADRIENNING. Somewhere, somehow, a pop-culture need got identified. They obviously weren't consulting ME! What's next? Geriatric Rambo? Taking on the Platoon of Elderly at Shady Acres Retirement Homes with Assisted Living?

I am connected to Sly, though, in that I share a birthday with him. Me, Sly & Nancy Reagan. Yes, I keep excellent company on my birthday (July 6). Brigitte "I'm-So-Drunk-I-Love-Flava-Flave" Nielsen's slurring ex-husband and the Hugs not Drugs Lady who, I believe, spent a shitload of money on new china for the White House. Oh yes, do not question that random factoid from the 80's. That is what I remember more than her anti-drug program: the fact she spent oodles of controversial money on new plates. The one (and only) time I learn a good lesson from the Republicans: never disrespect the emphasis on exquisite hostessing & fine dining.

Heh. Lessons from Nancy Reagan.

Oh Bullwinkle.
That NEVER works.
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