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Monday, October 17, 2005

Jennifer Needs....

Yes, I'm playing along. You google your name + "needs" and see what comes up. Not surprisingly, I have many, many needs. 19,800,000 in fact. Here are the top ones:

1. Jennifer needs a cold shower (I don't like them so much. More a boy thing.)
2. Jennifer needs a smack daddy (Yeah, but you get one & they change their names every freakin' week. First it's Smack Daddy, then it's S. Daddy, Diddy Smack, and I can't keep up.)
3. Jennifer needs a tutor (True. I love to learn. Photoshop & Illustrator, please.)
4. Jennifer needs space (Always.)
5. Jennifer needs to keep on improving (And I ask you, who doesn't?)
6. Jennifer needs heavy visual depiction of her subject in order for it all to work (Yes. Get to work on the heavy visual depicting, stat. I need it for work. And improving.)
7. Jennifer needs the earth energy in her life (Again, who doesn't benefit from the earth energy?)
8. Jennifer needs this Diva Publicity like she needs a hole in the head (AMEN!)
9. Jennifer needs a thorough psychiatric evaluation (Now, hold on, let's not make any hasty decisions. I'll spend more time with the earth, and I'll be ok. I promise.)
10. Jennifer needs time to heal

Hm. Well, don't we all. Let the healing begin!
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