PlazaJen: Passion Knit

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

After A Long No-Good Very Rotten Afternoon In Which I Feel Very Belgium*.

sometimes I want
a pottery barn life
with chocolates from belgium
and pink chandeliers

someone to clean
the crannies and nooks
organize my cds
fold my laundry each day

sometimes I want
to wake up in tangiers
live a life of adventure
silk scarf in my hair

sun freckles my face
curry spices drift by
excitement awaits
my passport is stamped

sigh with me, for you
have watched too much tv
seen too many catalogs
been told for too long
what to think
what to buy

someday we will go
to tangiers and forget
about pottery barn
and long velvet drapes

but we will always remember
the chocolate from belgium
and the boy in the fountain
who laughed when you kissed me
on the tip of my nose
under late summer's sky.

*Feeling very Belgium was coined by Bucky Katt of Get Fuzzy fame. I say it in my head sometimes. It works. Today, fits like a glove. And no, it doesn't make any sense.
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