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Monday, October 24, 2005


My blog (gladly) got discovered by Heidi a while back, and because we used to work together, we have a bond no Hurricane Wilma can break. I haven't seen her in a few years, in fact - and a fact that will hopefully change soon. After all, when you work with kindred spirits in this advertising business, your connections are forged like airline titanium, or ten-year-old blood-brother boys with pocketknives. It's a connection not even your spouse can crack, unless they, too, are employed in the Evil Empire. All you have to say is, "Motherfucker (client) (supervisor) (project)" and it's as though a large gong in a far-off land has been struck, one that we were trained in our cribs to recognize when The Time Comes. You just Get It. I realize this isn't inherent to advertising, either - whatever particular industry you're in, the common pitfalls, hilarity and issues interweave you together with people you might not have ordinarily known or shared experiences with.

So that brings me to my point, which is that Ms. Heidi posted a quick entry titled, "I know someone who’s been to a prostitute." And then, all she said was, "Oh, come on people, I didn’t get details." We-he-he-ELL, pardon me for taking off my hat & stayin' a while, but curl up your feet & take a listen to MY story. For I know someone who's been to a prostitute. At least a couple of 'em, in fact. The man in question & I used to work together, and there were many happy hours-turned-into-evenings with our crew & I heard a lot of funny stories in my tour of duty at that employer. In fact, he was on a work-related trip in San Francisco, where he availed himself of the services from "the most beautiful woman he'd ever met". Yeah, I rolled my eyes, too. You can think "Pretty Woman" and romanticize the working-girl industry, but then I give you THIS story, from the same guy: He also availed himself of a little :cough: oral pleasure from a Working Girl over on Independence Avenue. He extolled her "skills", but then revealed this gem: "I'm not sure now if she was a man or a woman. I was really, really drunk." I absolutely loved to give him shit about THAT one.

Thankfully, he's quit drinking, been sober for several years now, and presumably, no longer feeling the need to pay for services rendered. If not, I hope that at least now he can spot the drag queens.
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