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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

He Was Off By One Letter....

Einstein = Mega Knitting Squared.
Seriously. My hands are going to be permanently clawing at the world like Lobster Boy by the time I'm done knitting this jacket. (The Einstein Jacket by Sally Mellville, in the Knit Stitch book...) DAMN me for not being itty bitty! It's acres of garter stitch that you knit, turn, pick up more stitches & magically you end up with a coat! Right now it looks like an afghan gone bad, in a heap on the loveseat, where I sit with it, each night. It's been two weeks, and I've got the lower body done, the front & back panels & have just begun the first sleeve. Once that's done, it's collar time, and finishing! Good thing, because I'm refusing to wear a coat right now, and that's rather stupid, since we slid from unseasonably-warm days, to freeze-your-face-off days with no in-between.

More fall leaves pictures to come, too.
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