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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm Comforted, Because Those Who Truly Are Crazy Don't Ever Think They Are.

I have been obsessed a bit with order, not that you could tell it from my desk here at work. (Hm! Maybe I should attack it!) A bowl or glass barely has time to settle in to the sink, and I'm whisking everything into the dishwasher or scrubbing it up and I realize it's all a psychological effort to maintain control and order while this large piece sits out there, beyond anything I can do, influence, solve or fix. It has given me a bit of a peek into the world of OCD, where touching a doorknob six times before you enter the house is the only thing standing between you & catastrophy.

Today, I took a break. I didn't make the bed, and I left a dishwasher full, waiting to be emptied, and a sink full of dishes, waiting to be cleaned. It's when I start lining up the soup labels that you've got to be worried, JWo.
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