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Friday, May 26, 2006

You Can't Handle The Cute.

Well, first of all, here's Nyokki with a haircut. I didn't really go for any style, really, but when it grows out, I sense barrettes are going to come into play. This pic came out a little blurry, but you see the whacking that was done:

Nyokki: Haircut!

Then, I give you the cutest baby cardi, if only because the buttons are so stinkin' cute, you could sew them on burlap and the item would instantly become baby couture. I'm sure Britney and Angelina will be requesting custom orders, any day now. This one's a belated gift for some friends of mine.

Baby Sweater

Cutest Buttons, EVER

And last, but not least, and not necessarily CUTE, per se, but I give you bountiful berry harvest from JWo's garden:

Home-Grown Strawberries

He grew these himself! Three varieties, no less! They were absolutely yummy & I spilled juice all down my shirt. I'm triple-classy.
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