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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

GOD I Used to Hate This Day....

The worst came after I started in the workforce - and watching all the women in my department stream to the front desk to collect their elaborate bouquets of flowers..... I hated Valentine's Day - it's not like you could even go out to dinner with friends, because every good place in town was crammed with couples, drinking wine and eating polenta. (OK, that was just at one restaurant, but still. Oysters. Truffles. Mangoes. Pick your romantic dish.) But unlike one of those women I worked with, I never sent flowers to myself!

Now, it's just more like another day, really. I am reminded how lucky I am, how much I love my husband - and tonight, we will go eat Thai food, with another couple, and we'll talk about The Shield, which is about the most unromantic show on TV - but arguably one of the best. I put little FunDip Valentines in everyone's inbox at work this morning, and that made me nostalgic for those gradeschool days, when we had parties & everyone gave each other valentine's cards..... and someone usually brought cupcakes. Yum. And, whether you're attached or not, at least it's a good holiday with all the chocolate floating around..... skip the heart-shaped box of ordinary & buy a bar of something really top-notch! And, always be your own best Valentine first. I wish I'd learned that one sooner.
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