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Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's Kind of Like Heroin for Sock Knitters ....

You know how cops take pictures after they score a huge drug bust? Neatly piled packages of dope, cocaine, whatever?

Yeah. It felt just like that. Practically illegal.

When Kristin hit her breaking point in their house-buying process, she turned to all her knitty friends here & said, "Friends? There is nothing left to do but to channel our good thoughts and hard-earned cash together & buy some fantastically beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn and hope that this house thing turns around for me."

So we did. From this place called Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The yarn is called "Socks that Rock". The colors as shown on the website are beautiful, but a pale second to what they represent in real life. (Click here to see the photos of the box being opened. Scroll past Polly & her bone.) I got "Queen Rock" and "Fire on the Mountain", and they are each just STUNNING. Good thing I'm back in Crazy Sock Knitting Mode right now - finished one pair out of Elann Sock-It-To-Me last week, started a pair out of Opal over the weekend, am on the feet-parts right now (two at a time!) with no signs of slowing down. See, dear readers, even though most of the time I just bitch & screech on this blog, when I'm not at work or out eating Thai food, I'm most likely knitting!

So, yeah, that picture above? Street value of that yarn: $300. And man - oh - man, is this yarn spectacular. Like uncut cocaine, I'm tellin' ya. (Though honestly, I have no idea what cocaine's like, except Al Pacino made it seem REALLY energizing in that Scarface movie.)
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