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Friday, February 10, 2006

Hot Damn, It's Friday!

Yeah, so AGAIN today I wake up before the alarm, and think, MMMMMmmmmm, yes, it's Saturday! AWESOME! And promptly go back to sleep, only to rudely be re-awakened 8 minutes later. FUCKETY DUCK! And I've had something globby in my left eye all day and I'm about ready to start wearing a patch. ARRRRGH.

I have pretty well flatlined my day away, too. Except for a brief fight with the cable company. My DVR is recording programs partway, and then stopping. I can get past this behavior for my soap, like last Friday when it recorded only ONE MINUTE, but it's doing like 47 minutes of CSI, and don't you jack with my primetime shows. Good thing it didn't screw up 24, I might have had to go down to the office in person. Anyway, I love their solution: unplug it overnight, just for tonight. Uh, ok. Tech-no-LOG-ical expertise at its finest. I smell another in-home visit for the cable company! yee haw!

Oh, and this afternoon, I imitated the laugh of a person I sat by at one of my former jobs, and I guess pretty much the entire office heard it. (Listen, this girl? She was really loud, and it loses something in the storytelling if you just titter.) The CFO called me and asked if that was me. Of course it was! I'm in management, doesn't that frighten you? Or maybe I'm just mangey. I don't feel real pretty today, what with the blinking eye and getting dressed in a haphazard Damn-It's-Not-Saturday way.

In that same storytelling episode, I swore I would not become the crazy bosses I've had in my life - and fortunately for me, most of the super-crazy ones didn't have any sort of a life outside of work. Me? I'm chock-full-o outside stuff. Like sleeping. And pretending to be a pirate. Mangey Matey! ARRRRRGH!
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