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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Random Orts

~Our internet at work is hit or miss right now, for some reason. I started frenetically clicking my mouse and making gutteral noises of irritation and pain this morning; it seemed to help.

~I have two hangnails that I ripped out on my right hand - ring finger & thumb, and I went to the breakroom & put neosporin & bandages on them, because they were screaming in pain. Said bandages are now greatly interfering with my ability to type - more gutteral noises - but if anyone asks, I've decided I'm going to tell people I'm learning to play the banjo. Which I just typed 'banjoy', and I kind of like that mistake.

~I have beautiful gerbera daisies on my desk from my husband, who wanted to remind me that he loves me, even when we fight.

~I am ordering a costco cake for tomorrow night's knit night & my teeth hurt just thinking about it. That cake is so damn good.

~People on the internet can be so wonderful, and then some can be soooo mean. Even ones you know. I don't understand it, and I view it as a drawback of the 'net. People say things because the keyboard makes them feel safer, like it gives them license to be rude, crude & a bully. I hope they get hemorrhoids and paper cuts. Deep ones. For both.

~I am constantly confused by the one-line summaries on my Yahoo news that keep saying "X# dead in cartoon battle". I know what's going on, but it still reads bizarre to me.

~My boss threatened to go beat up someone & called the person in questio an ass-clown. I have never been this happy working for someone.

~I get to eat at McCormick & Schmick's today, with my rep who does the best Gay Cuban voice ever. When we worked on the Project From Hell together at the last job, we eventually called the Miami market "MyJammies" and he will be my friend until one of us dies, because we forged a bond in the trenches of HELL and we both hated my boss and she was Stupido Gigante and we had ungodly miracles to perform, all the time. And then that beyotch tried to fire me. OH! I curse her tiny ugly ass with a banjoy and the hemorrhoids.

~I am terribly excited that Miss Kristin is moving into her first house. (Justin is, too.) Even with one wrong turn, I got to her house in 4 minutes. We will have the Underground Craft Railroad constructed on Wornall in no time.

Peeps, that's all I've got. In fact, if you read the above fairly rapidly, it's what it's like to spend 5 minutes working with me. Random firing of pistons, thoughts, and ideas. I'm tired, I'm distracted by 10 things, and yet, I can't NOT blog. So Orts it is. And banjoys.
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