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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mrs. Bombastic

Alright, I think I came off way more despondent than intended in that last post. I got some really nice private messages & I hate thinking I made anyone worry when it wasn't merited. (Last week merited worry. Today I'm just feeling like emotional fly paper. Which I'm actually quite proud to have coined, it's totally who I am. You are angry and you are blue! Whatever you're feeling sticks to me like fly paper glue!) I'm just sick of all the panic and doom & gloom with the economy and hearing the phrase "X prices going up further".

I'm actually in a pretty good mood this afternoon, despite some of the drama swirling.

I think I need a vacation. Or some blender drinks. Maybe both! Together!

Oh, and I betrayed the sisterhood today. I actually explained women to a guy friend at work. His mind exploded in front of me. More on that tomorrow.
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