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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

God's Little Crabapple!

Sometimes I find myself thinking about topics for my blog, and I hear the old adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all." It's a good one, but I'm not known for muzzling myself well, nor biting my tongue.

That said, I'm not writing about every irritant, and instead chalking things up to the full moon, and a general swirl in general of low consumer confidence and a depressed economy with soaring gas & corn prices. It's pretty easy to just skip right along to Armageddon if you think about much of anything too long. Everyone I know is (pick one or more): stressed, irritable, on edge, depressed, angry, morose, unreasonable, bitchy, dissatisfied and probably a lot of other lovely adverbs. In the past week I've been cranky, irritated, frustrated, and I just responded to my co-worker's question if I wanted anything from Latte Land with, "A new attitude?" She's so sweet, she said I didn't need a new one. She is, however, a programmer, so maybe I can get her developing Attitude 2.0?

So on my drive this morning I decided I could be grateful I don't live in Kabul. Or Cedar Rapids. I can be happy that I don't have a 50-mile commute. I am not panicked about paying my bills, and even if they drive us crazy, we have three healthy, lively dogs. Life is pretty good, in fact. I wish the country could collectively shake it off, that things would stabilize and it wouldn't feel like someone was cranking on the Winch of Life so vigorously.

This too shall pass, and even though sometimes (right now) it makes me cry to remember his words, as my father said in almost every phone call before he died, "It will all be ok." I marvel at how a man of little faith could instill it so heartily in me.

Deep breath. Exhale. Believe.


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