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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


So I called Kristin on her cell phone & she was already at work. I was driving through slush and ice and generally badly-maintained (read="untreated") roads, because all the rich people on Ward Parkway told their employees they wouldn't be in to work today and therefore their big road didn't need to be scraped, salted, sanded, pick ONE I'd be happy!
Kristin confirmed that the phones were indeed down at the office.
My next questions was, "Is there INTERNET?"
And there was.
And I didn't turn around and go home, because if there wasn't internet? I wasn't coming in.

Called the hubby right afterwards to report on the sorry state of the roads, and also told him the phones at work were down. "Is there INTERNET?" he asked.
I love him so.

And Chelle, no, the sofa's still on it's end in the garage. It was too nasty last night to attempt it & I'm hoping one of our male friends will happen by & I can extricate myself from the entire process. My "Y" chromosome just does not have that telepathic, how-to-move-big-objects genetic material and besides, I don't like to lift things that much anyway. But if it's not in the house by Friday I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands and call some more guys to come over. Two of them were eagerly showing me moving maneuvers with my guest chair & office door yesterday, so I have some helper candidates. :) And next time? $50. Gonna spend it.
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