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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Do Not Go Near Downed Power Lines

They have said this repeatedly on tv tonight with the ICE STORM OF THE CENTURY bearing down on us here. Shouted with drama & irony.

I say, if you have not figured this out by now, then you deserve to pick up a downed power line, put it in your mouth & see what happens.
Seriously. Modern medicine has allowed far too many stupid people to not only continue living, they are combing their mullets & repopulating the world! And we have to REMIND people not to pick up live sparking cables? The decline of common sense continues to amaze & disappoint me.

Also, am I the only one who thinks Ted Textor is an absolutely HILARIOUS weatherman's name? I think it reminds me too much of Ted Baxter, and I adored Ted Knight SOOOO much on the Mary Tyler Moore show. Ted was going to be my second husband, you know. I even named my teddy bear "Ted Thursday" after him. (why Thursday? I don't know! I was three! Hell, I named my first doll "Nohni", which means, "This is MINE and I will Have Difficulty Sharing Things For the Rest of My Life" in Japanese.) Oh, who was my first husband going to be, you ask? Why that would be Kansas City native Walter Cronkite. Apparently my parents got a BIG ol' kick out of asking their three-year-old child who she was going to marry when she grew up, and I would always walk over to the tv & point at Walter Cronkite, chirping, "Him!" (They only asked this question during the news, for obvious reasons.) So I seemed to carry a very bright torch for white-haired gents at a very early age. I like to think I had an early attraction to intelligence & humor. Walter Cronkite doesn't need to be told twice to stay away from downed power lines, and neither do I, thank you very much.
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