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Friday, December 31, 2004

Humiliation & Elation

The great thing about Polly the WunderLab, is that she is ebullient. She is excited. She loves EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY, and her biggest drawback is that she thinks she's a 10# lap dog & should be allowed to lean/climb up onto anyone and everyone who gives her the time of day.
So, needless to say, getting her into her hunting vest from Cabela's is a walk in the park. You just have to tell her she's SO PRETTY and she has a blast. She runs around and shows everyone how pretty she is, and is a-ok in it.
Not so much with Suzy.
My husband didn't exactly fawn and dote all over Suzy in her formative years, so she developed a more reserved personality. She's a lover, and she's friendly, but she doesn't have that second-child clownish persona, and she's quite content to be a little more reserved, a little more austere, to walk the Grace Kelly route and be a little above the fray. Which means she HATES her hunting vest. She will barely walk when it's on, and the only word that perfectly captures her expression? BALEFUL. That dog looks like she is trying to squash murderous thoughts, but the homicidal tendencies are winning.
I submit to you, dear readers, the photographic evidence. Our stomachs hurt from laughing, I'm sorry to say, mostly at Suzy's expense.

Luckily for Suzy, she's got a very thick winter coat & won't be needing her vest the way Polly does.

Luckily for us, she didn't kill us in our sleep.
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