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Monday, June 12, 2006

Brightest Moonlight

I'm not going to be able to write much right now. I have wonderful things to share in my head, but I am also working at re-shoring my energies, pulling myself together, and some of these things will be counter-productive to accomplishing that. I just looked up through the skylight, and I saw that the sun is finally beginning to shine. It has been gray & cloudy since we got into Iowa on our drive here, and raining intermittently. It felt fitting, and yet it also does nothing to boost one's spirits.

We have been sleeping in dad & brenda's bed, partly because I think she is reluctant and afraid to do so, and at first it freaked me out, but I also found it comforting. To lie where he slept, to have the same view; it has felt like an embrace. I was awakened last night by the brightest moonlight shining in on my face, and the first thing I thought was "dad". It matters not what you believe, everyone has their own notions of heaven or nothingness, but I will take these healing moments as they come.
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